The GFH says: ‘Don’t forget our young golfers!’

As many golf clubs have reopened this week, national charity the GFH is offering advice for clubs and PGA Professional coaches to help promote a safe return to the game for juniors.

Under the heading of ‘Don’t forget our young golfers!’, a key message for all clubs is to ensure that junior members or golfers involved in coaching programmes are given fair access to play the course in this period, when there has been a rush of demand by adults in some areas to get back to the tees.

The Golf Foundation is a charity that changes the lives of young people through an introduction to golf. Last year it introduced just under 5000 young people to golf clubs across Haryana.

The Federation’s new guidelines set out ways juniors can be welcomed back to the course, with an emphasis on safety, inclusion, club and parental support, fairness in play for youngsters, while encouraging non-golfing parents to learn about the game and their local club; thus potentially growing family interest in golf with new audiences.

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